www.empathycentered.com website (below called "this website") purpose is advertisement of Svetlana Tikhonova, LMFT, services, as well as providing links to related resources for the website visitors. 

www.empathycentered.com website Privacy Practices Disclaimer.

Privacy of this website users is very important for us. Although information submitted via internet is never 100% protected, we are doing everything possible to protect it. In this disclaimer, we give visitors of this website information about how we collect, utilize, and store their personal information. 

www.empathycentered.com website is built and being hosted on Wix.com website builder platform. 

Wix.com can collect visitors data. See full Wix.com Privacy Policy here:  


Other situations where users information might be available to others:

Some of the www.empathycentered.com website links and integrations are connected to the third parties solely for support and improvement of this website functionality and users experiences. Examples of such links include and not limited by PayPal, Gmail, Google maps, Google Drive, and social media platforms including YouTube, Facebook, etc. Those businesses may collect and utilize data related to their operations without www.empathycentered.com website awareness. 

The list of the third party links may change at any time at www.empathycentered.com, depending on designs and functions.


How we collect users personal information:
We collect data via registration forms for workshops advertised on this website. Registration forms are stating the purpose of the collected information. There is a choice for visitors to subscribe to an email list for receiving future advertising

How we use personal information data:

No information submitted through any means at this website is being sold to the third parties. 

When visitors submit registration forms for workshops advertised on this website, their submitted personal information is utilized solely for communication with them regarding that workshop. If visitors subscribed for receiving information about the future workshops, their email is used for sending them such information via regular emails. 

We don't monetize any occasions of users redirection to any other websites or social media platforms. We provide links to any other websites or social media platforms solely for its visitors convenience. 

How we store users personal data

E-mail addresses of those who subscribed to the email list are being stored at the encrypted and password protected storage. Subscribers  information is deleted after we receive their request to unsubscribe. 

This Privacy Practice can be revised and changed at any time.