Child and Teen 

Counseling and Psychotherapy

Kids Running

Depending on your child's age and level of maturity, therapy might include play activities, Sandplay, and creative expression. This helps children to feel safe and utilize the non-verbal communication that is more natural for them.

Therapy takes time. Generally speaking, there are three stages in the process of change:

  • Developing trusting relationship, so the child or teen feel free to express themselves

  • Processing life experiences, and developing new skills and sense of self

  • Consolidating and integrating new skills and new sense of self to everyday life

Sessions with a child or teen begin after one or more meetings with parents or guardians, where we discover together how we can cooperate in helping your child to overcome his or her difficulties. If parents are divorced, I would need a copy of a custody agreement. Those parents or guardians who have custody should consent for child's counseling or therapy.


Depending on the child's previous and current life experiences, and therapy goals, therapy may require short term or long term commitment on your side. 

Children's psychological well-being depends a lot on their general health as well as home, school, and neighborhood environment. In addition to child's therapy, I might recommend other resources when needed.